Make an IMPACT with your team AND some important charities The holiday season is upon us and the Impact99 team is teaming up with YOU to make an impact with four important causes. We are launching our Blueprint for Workplace Reinvention - Manager’s handbook and giving all the proceeds in December to four important Canadian Charities. .. read more →

EVOLUTION of a model #Impact99 High Performance Workplace

A year ago exactly, we brought to life what became known last year as the “8 principles” to ignite a Social Workplace. We launched with an idea - that perhaps the skillsets and mindsets of the NEW workplace required a new baseline scorecard. We created a PIE-CHART visual reminiscent of Trivial Pursuit and inserted the.. read more →

Impact99 HR profile- intern profile Anca Aroneanu

 Welcome to our newest team member for 2013! Anca Aroneanu has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She decided to pursue a Human Resources Diploma partly due to her experience conducting exit and morale surveys. Anca is passionate about employee engagement and retention, and looks forward to starting her career in HR. Anca volunteers.. read more →

THE DIGITAL WORKPLACE- FREE for #impact99 attendees

The Mission of the Digital Workplace is to enable employees- and therefore entire organizations- to reach their goals by providing the best access to the data, information and tools they need to do their jobs in the best possible manner with high levels of engagement- Stephan Schillerwein I get excited about odd things- like going.. read more →

Impact99 attendee profile - Georgina Boyne JOEY Restaurants

Georgina Boyne is the Manager of Human Resources for JOEY Restaurant Group, providing recruitment strategy and support, development of employee recognition programs, performance management processes, is accountable for employee engagement, oversight of the health and safety programs and benefits administration. A Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) with over 10 years of experience in HR, Georgina.. read more →

Dan Pontefract & FLAT ARMY- #impact99 Keynoter on a mission

Flat: to be on a level surface, not in a hierarchy Army: a large group of people who share similar aims or beliefs Flat Army: an unobstructed flow of corporate commonality ******* These are the words on the back cover of Impact99 Keynoter Dan Pontefract’s book Flat Army. Not some nice-but-likely-bought testimonials from business best.. read more →

2 events we recommend #Vancouver spring 2013

There are two great events in Vancouver that we think would appeal to our Impact99 family of attendees. We are delighted to promote them! ******* ******** 1. Digital Strategy Conference April 23-25 Vancouver BC Co-Founders Andrea Hadley and Kelly Kubrick are experienced digital practitioners, who believe there is an opportunity to bring perspective across the digital landscape. They believe in.. read more →

Impact99 Attendee Profile- Samantha Sallovitz - Canadian Springs/Aquaterra

  “Contagious enthusiasm”, “Results-oriented”
, “Innovative!”

 are just some of ways this “Certified HR Gusto” has been described. Samantha Sallovitz is currently Human Resources Manager for Canadian Springs/AquaTerra, overseeing the Western Canada region.  Over the past 10 years, Samantha has been providing quality HRM solutions for a diverse portfolio of industries and niches with companies like.. read more →

Jody Thompson’s invitation to HR- why I want to see you at #impact99

I had the utmost pleasure to share breakfast in sunny Vancouver today with our Impact99 2013 Keynote Speaker Jody Thompson. I have followed Jody and Cali’s Results Only Work Environment thought leadership for over two years now, devouring the fresh ideas they bring to leadership, management and HOW WORK GETS DONE. Cali and Jody are co-founders of.. read more →

Impact99 Attendee Profile- Zafira Nanji CBC/Radio Canada

Zafira Nanji is a Human Resources Business Partner with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC/Radio-Canada), assigned as the Project Lead for CBC’s 5 year Strategic Plan “Everyone, Every way”. Zafira is also a key figure in the public broadcaster’s Inclusion & Diversity activities, Social Media HR Strategy and initiative to create a Recruitment Centre. An ambitious.. read more →