Introducing Impact99 Toronto Storyteller from Mabel’s Labels - Going ROWE!

We love the concept behind Jody Thompson’s Results Only Work Environment - but what is it really like to “go ROWE”? When we heard that Mabel’s Labels was the first in Canada to do it, we invited Cynthia Esp, one of the co-founders of the company and their VP of HR, to share their story.. read more →

Introducing Impact99 Toronto Storyteller from EllisDon: Trust and Authenticity in the Construction Industry

The more we hear about the things Janine and the entire leadership team at EllisDon are doing to continue and enhance the strong foundation of Trust EllisDon began with at its inception, the more we knew we wanted her to share it with our Impact99 community. In a traditional, highly competitive industry made up primarily.. read more →

Introducing Impact99 Toronto Storytellers from TELUS - Learning Gamification

When we talked to Robin Yap and Paul Bleier from TELUS’ Learning team, we knew they had to be a part of Impact99′s Reinvention Stories. We will be hearing from Dan Pontefract, who will be kicking off our afternoon at Impact99 Toronto as our lunch Keynote, discussing how to create a connected and collaborative organization... read more →

Reflections on Authentic Humanity at Work from Pam Ross

With the recent launch of our Blueprint for Workplace Reinvention and this week’s focus on Authentic Humanity, I have been reflecting on what Authentic Humanity actually means and why it is so important in the workplace. This is one of my favourite pieces of our model. Those of you who know me will know that.. read more →

Three Powerful Ways Social Media is Affecting Organizational Culture

This is a question I get asked a lot lately - what is the impact that social media is having on organizational culture? I see several effects of this rapidly growing, additive type of technology on the workplace. Three powerful ways that come to mind immediately are Access, Collaboration, and Transparency. Access This means a.. read more →

The Impact99 Tribe, leading organizations to Reinvent the Workplace

Every morning I watch a TED talk. Over the past year I’ve watched hundreds of talks and been educated and inspired by them. This morning, I was re-watching a talk I’ve seen before, and today it hit me with such Impact99 relevance, I had to write about it. In Seth Godin’s “The Tribes We Lead”.. read more →

12 May 2013
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Sneak Peek Into #impact99 - What Makes a Social Workplace

On October 19th, Donna Messer, Queen of Networking, invited Pam Ross, our Impact99 Co-Producer, to discuss Impact99 on her BlogTalk Radio show. They discussed Impact99 and Christine and Pam’s 8 Guiding Principles of a Social Workplace. We’ll be talking more about these this Wednesday in Mississauga! For a Sneak Peek, check this out: Listen to internet.. read more →

Gift for Impact99 attendees: Twitter for HR E-course in 2 minutes a day

Why do I need to know about Twitter as a business leader? Have you heard of twitter, seen #hashtags floating around the internet, and wondered why anyone want to read about what celebrities are eating for breakfast in 140 characters, and why you, as a business or HR leader, should care? In fact, Twitter is so.. read more →

15 Aug 2012
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