FAQs: What Do I Need to Know?

I don’t even have a twitter account. Will I be lost?
There is a wide range of technological skills (we call that digital IQ) in the room. You will know more than some, less than others. We are all in a safe and encouraging environment where we can coach each other.
We do recommend setting up a Twitter account before you come, even if you don’t even send any tweets ahead of time.

What do I need to bring?
1. Your laptop and/or tablet and/or smart phone - whatever you feel most comfortable accessing the internet from.
2. Charger for your device (and we recommend you have it fully charged before you come as well).
3. Business cards - you will meet lots of people you will want to connect with.
4. Your curiosity and questions - no matter how big/small!

How can I stay in touch on topics related to the event and announcements BEFORE October?
The easiest way is to follow us on twitter or on facebook
And of course you can look for updates directly on our website or by emailing us at info@impact99.ca.

Throw us your best questions!
Ask your questions below using the Facebook comment box, and we will answer it promptly here - chances are if you are wondering, someone else is as well.





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