09 Dec 2013


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Make an IMPACT with your team AND some important charities

The holiday season is upon us and the Impact99 team is teaming up with YOU to make an impact with four important causes. We are launching our Blueprint for Workplace Reinvention - Manager’s handbook and giving all the proceeds in December to four important Canadian Charities. 

Here is how it works

Reinvent the WorkplacePurchase your printed Leader’s Handbook version of Blueprint for High Performance  (great stocking stuffers for your whole team!)                                    

100% of profit goes to four charities supported by the Impact99 team

All sales from Dec 9th to December 31st will be part of the give back event! 

Cost per handbook: $14.95 per copy plus shipping

The more we sell the more $$$ goes to charity! 

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Charities you are supporting by purchasing your copies!

Think of this as the gift that keeps on giving! Not only will it “give back” to you in your workplace as you implement some of the 100+ tactical ideas and read the 20+ examples of companies we admire living components of the model, but the purchase funds will go to some much needed causes! Impact 99 team

Christine’s charity of choice: Playground Builders

Playground Builders is a Canadian Charity that builds playgrounds for children in war-torn areas. There is often no safe place for children in these communities to play. Most have never experienced the joy of a swing or the thrill of a slide. Playground Builders is dedicated to building hope and peace through the gift of play. Since their inception in 2007 they have built 145 playgrounds supplying safe play for over 250,000 children. Christine has been involved with the charity for 3 years and Impact People Practices is halfway through raising $10,000 to build a playground in 2014.

Pam’s charity of choice: The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Since losing a much-loved uncle and a good friend to brain cancer, Pam has been a supporter of cancer charities. Every day 27 Canadians are diagnosed with a brain tumour. There is no cure. Brain tumours are unpredictable and complex. They can affect vision, hearing, memory, balance and mobility. Their effects are physical, emotional, financial, and last a lifetime. The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is  here to help anyone affected by any type of brain tumour. Support from donors, corporations and community foundations means the estimated 55,000 Canadians living with a brain tumour can find hope. Hope through research. Hope through patient and survivor support. Hope for a cure.

Alyssa’ charity of choice: Lymphoma Canada

Lymphoma is the fastest-rising incidence of cancer in young adults (ages 18-39), and a lack of information and awareness of the signs and symptoms of lymphoma can make it difficult to diagnose. Lymphoma Canada provides education and support to lymphoma patients and their families, as well as awareness of this not-well-understood disease. I have been a Board member with Lymphoma Canada for over ten years, and I am so proud of their work to provide programs to support the lymphoma patient community.  

Lee’s charity of choice: Because I am a girl

The girl issue is real, and it‚Äôs affecting girls and women around the world ‚Äď but what is it? Girls in the poorest regions of the world are among the most disadvantaged people on the planet. They are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to be denied access to education, and more likely to be malnourished, simply because they are young and female.¬†And yet, studies show that when you invest in girls, the whole world benefits. If a girl has enough to eat, a safe environment, and an education, she‚Äôll work to raise the standard of living for herself, her family and her community. And in time, she can even strengthen the economy of her entire country.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 9.29.30 AM

Here is a snapshot of how your order form will look after you enter your email and a bit more info as a new customer. We are working with Allegra out of Vancouver to fulfill the orders.

Let us know by commenting below this post how many copies you bought so we can give you a BIG VIRTUAL HUG! Thank you SO very much for your incredible support of the Blueprint, the movement to Reinvent Work and these important causes this holiday season. YOU are a trailblazer!

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