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Make an IMPACT with your team AND some important charities The holiday season is upon us and the Impact99 team is teaming up with YOU to make an impact with four important causes. We are launching our Blueprint for Workplace Reinvention - Manager’s handbook and giving all the proceeds in December to four important Canadian Charities. .. read more →

Life Lessons and Reflections…from the Interns

1. Do it yourself, make mistakes, and it will help you grow and develop. 2. Respect & trust is earned. 3. Have fun and love what you do. 4. The importance of digital fluency. 5.  If it sounds scary, try it! You will learn so much about yourself. 6. Communication, honesty, and transparency lead to.. read more →

Tune in THIS Thursday to reinvent learning

Anca and Natalie are back this week with our sponsor web events! We are pleased to welcome Carol Leaman from Axonify. Join us on October 10th at 9amEST/12pmPST to learn more about the topic and ask questions using #Impact99 on Twitter. The video will be live streamed on our Virtual Events page so stay tuned Impact99-ers! Corporate Learning is Broken.. read more →

Tune in THIS Thursday to re-invent peer learning

The Impact99 web events continue this week with Glain Roberts-McCabe from The Executive Roundtable. She will be visiting Natalie and Anca to discuss the value of peer learning groups. Join us on September 26th at 10amEST/1pmPST to learn more about the topic and ask questions using #Impact99 on Twitter. The video will be live streamed.. read more →

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

To be dynamic means to constantly change or to adapt. To be collaborative means to come together, to embrace teamwork and sharing. So how do the two come together? What is Dynamic Collaboration? Dynamic collaboration, in essence, is the most ideal kind of working relationship. It brings together a group of people, employees, leaders, managers,.. read more →

Tune in THIS Thursday to re-invent leadership in the workplace

Impact99 is thrilled to introduce, Chris Taylor from Actionable Books - one of Impact99′s partners. In this week’s web event, Chris will discuss the differences between management and leadership and how to improve your work relationships. Chris shared a few thoughts with us prior to the virtual event this Thursday! Here’s what he had to.. read more →

Tune in THIS Thursday to re-invent recruitment

Impact99 welcomes David Singh, VP Strategy and Operations, of Kira Talent - one of our wonderful partners. In this week’s web event, David discusses video trends in HR. But don’t take it from us! HERE’S WHAT DAVID HAS TO SAY… If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must surely worth more, but how much.. read more →

What does it mean to be Digitally Fluent?

My Journey Before I started with Impact99 in June I thought I knew enough about technology to land me jobs after my education at Seneca College. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of computer courses and knew enough to get the job at Impact99 – so I was content. On.. read more →

Tune in THIS Thursday to re-invent performance management

We are thrilled to launch our Web Events!! Each week, one of our partners will discuss how they are re-inventing the workplace. First up: Linda Jonas, Director of Marketing at Small Improvements is presenting ‘trends in performance management’, all the way from Australia! Join us on September 5th at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST - watch.. read more →

Reflections on Authentic Humanity at Work from Pam Ross

With the recent launch of our Blueprint for Workplace Reinvention and this week’s focus on Authentic Humanity, I have been reflecting on what Authentic Humanity actually means and why it is so important in the workplace. This is one of my favourite pieces of our model. Those of you who know me will know that.. read more →