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Human RESOURCES about Social Workplace- roundup

33 day countdown - 33 resources for you We are 33 days away from our first Impact99 2012 event in Vancouver and we have rounded up the 33 top links from our speakers and session leaders that we think will help you get a basic understanding of Social Business, Social HR and Social Media. Read.. read more →

FREE White paper: Social Media & Employee Engagement

The Following is a white paper published by Impact99 Founder and Co-producer Christine McLeod. At its’ core, Social Media and everything it means to how we communicate has the possibility of igniting un-precedented change in our workplaces. Impact99 is about igniting both thought leadership and tangible action in Canadian workplaces so we can be more relevant.. read more →

The world of work is changing- be a change agent

The world of HR is changing… and so is the workplace. We created the Impact99 Summit Series for HR & Business leaders like you who have “awakened” to a new reality of work. You are faced with new challenges and opportunities and together, we can make sense of those turbulent waters.  What does a social.. read more →

Gift for Impact99 attendees: Twitter for HR E-course in 2 minutes a day

Why do I need to know about Twitter as a business leader? Have you heard of twitter, seen #hashtags floating around the internet, and wondered why anyone want to read about what celebrities are eating for breakfast in 140 characters, and why you, as a business or HR leader, should care? In fact, Twitter is so.. read more →

15 Aug 2012
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How open is your organizational culture in this Social World?

Technology has changed the way people communicate and is revolutionizing organizations. We believe that the organizations that will be successful are developing what we call Social Workplaces. An organizational culture of openness is fundamental to a social workplace. In this TED talk, Don Tapscott talks about the world being at a turning point in civilization... read more →

10 Aug 2012
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Vancouver Sept 12th FREE Meet & Tweet for Attendees & their guests

Location: ING Cafe downtown Vancouver 5 Reasons to join us wednesday Sept 12th- FREE for attendees 1. BACKSTAGE PASS to Social Workplace Case study: Christine McLeod, Co-producer of Impact99 interviews Dan Pontefract Director of Learning and Collaboration TELUS. (see more details below about Dan and the TELUS journey) 2. IGNITE flash coaching sessions for Twitter:.. read more →

Spend 99 seconds with last year’s HR Summit attendees!

Have you thought about what the potential of the Social Workplace is? How about the impact it can have on the engagement and productivity of your employees? Last year, we held the first ever Impact99 HR Conference all about Social Media and Human Resources. Our Social Media coaches and our attendees spent the day exploring.. read more →

03 Aug 2012
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Don’t be a bystander anymore in the Social Media Revolution

If there is any doubt in your mind that there is a Social Media Revolution going on and you might want to at least be part of the conversation…. please continue reading.   There is an overwhelming torrent of knowledge and stats hitting us from all angles when it comes to social media. We know.. read more →

Register and you win… in more than one way

Impact99 is not just an “EVENT“. It’s meant to be food for the HR brain, fuel for the business muscles that need to stretch in new ways. And yet…. you are beyond busy. You barely have time to eat lunch let alone take a day out of the office.  We get it. We’ve been there. The.. read more →

Paul Miller explains the Digital Workplace

I love how the internet works. Person A in your network posts about something, it leads you to read that something, which leads to another link, then to another connection Person B… repeat. This morning that little “diving down the rabbit holes of social media land” (think Alice in Wonderland) I found a GEM! Paul.. read more →