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Moving HR from “thought” to “action” at Impact99 HR Summit - Infographic

  Our infographic describes what makes Impact99 THE HR Summit that you need to attend in 2012: 1. The “why” of what we do - to Ignite a Social Workplace (inner circle) 2. The benefits attendees will experience (outer circle) 3. A high level glance at the flow of the day (orange inner circle) -.. read more →

Do CEOs actually use Social Media?

Step 1: Watch the video below.  After searching for every Fortune 500 CEO on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Wikipedia, blogs, and yes, Pinterest, got their answers as to whether CEOs use Social Media.     The video shows some of their 2012 findings    Step 2: Invite your CEO to join you for.. read more →

We guarantee a lasting afterglow at Impact99 HR Summit

Have you ever attended a great event and left immersed in “conference afterglow”, only to find that a few days later the glow was gone, you hadn’t implemented anything, and you were unsure where to start? Day to day work got in the way of creating your plan for implementing the great ideas you’d been.. read more →

27 Jun 2012
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An Impact99 Success Story - Shirley Williams

A year and a bit ago, Shirley Williams attended Impact99 in Toronto and something BIG ignited from there for her. Shirley is now the host of her own internet radio show Social Media Pearls.   If you are wondering what SOCIAL WORKPLACE is all about, this is a good primer- Pam and Christine talked about.. read more →

Top 5 Reasons our Location Sponsors rock

We made a strategic decision this year to host both HR Summits- Ignite a Social Workplace with Impact99… in a Business School setting Here are the TOP 5 reasons we think we have two perfect matches for our events. 1. Having a Summit in an Academic environment is inspiring 2. Business Schools are a place.. read more →

Are you in the Social Media Closet?

Are You in the Social Media Closet? You’re signed up and surf on social networking sites but are petrified to click the “post” button. You struggle with the idea of being everywhere online but going nowhere. You want to explore the awesome people are saying about social media but you are mentally fatigued at the.. read more →

Michael Brito- Vancouver #impact99 Keynote

  Michael Brito, VP of Social Media at Edelman Digital Michael considers himself a student of social media and community building. He has worked for major brands in Silicon Valley (HP, Yahoo! and Intel) and was instrumental in driving social media programs and campaigns emphasizing authenticity and long-term relationship building. Christine McLeod met him via a.. read more →