04 Nov 2013

Life Lessons and Reflections…from the Interns

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10 Things on I99

1. Do it yourself, make mistakes, and it will help you grow and develop.

2. Respect & trust is earned.

3. Have fun and love what you do.

4. The importance of digital fluency.

5.  If it sounds scary, try it! You will learn so much about yourself.

6. Communication, honesty, and transparency lead to successful teams.

7. You don’t have to be beside each other to work together.

8. Recognize successes, no matter how small.

9. Reach out for support. Ask questions. Speak your mind. Make an impact.

10. Learn. Share. Do. Actions really speak louder than words.

To My Toronto Team from Natalie Pedrosa

Pam Ross has become a mentor to me. Pam warned me prior to my employment of her ‘grasshopper brain’ but without a doubt, it is one of her strengths. Pam has the innate ability to motivate individuals to perform to their best ability as well come up with ideas on the spot. Pam always wanted me to learn for myself and to make my own mistakes – I am so grateful that she promoted this self-learning environment. Pam is an engaging person, inside and outside of work. She is inspiring and has a contagious enthusiasm. Gracias!

Alyssa Burkus, the Director of Operations, does so much more than what her job title requires her to do.  During our numerous meetings she knew exactly what needed to get done - the who, when, where, why and how. Alyssa was so welcoming and very approachable since the very first day. Since my first Skype interview, I knew it was going to be a great relationship. Alyssa is a motivator and has one of the most genuine hearts of anyone I’ve ever met. Thank you!

Outside of Impact99, both Alyssa and Pam are friends and personal cheerleaders of mine. As I transition into my career in HR, I will take with me all of the knowledge and skills obtained through my Impact99 internship. Thanks to you, I truly believe that I will find the right career path that will lead me to prosperity and happiness. Thanks ladies!

To My Vancouver Team from Anca Aroneanu

Christine McLeod is a true visionary. And her vision is for all of employees to feel like they are making a difference every day. Christine taught me so much! And what will stick with me for the rest of my life is her infectious enthusiasm and her ability to engage people and inspire them to make a change. Christine showed me that there is no better way to be than yourself. She pushed me and supported me and I know that I can do anything. Thank you, Christine!!

Lee Vincent is a motivator to the core. Her ability to keep track of a million small details was nothing short of amazing! While my mind was going in too many directions at once, Lee was able to focus in on what was most important. If I ever hit a wall, Lee helped me move past it. Talking to her was a constant introspective journey, through which I was able to discover what matters to me and develop an action plan for realizing my goals. Lee taught me to dream big and think small - nothing is out of reach! Thank you Lee!

Christine and Lee are not only part of my network. They are my coach, my cheer squad, and my teammates. No matter where my journey in HR takes me, I know they will be part of my success. There is no “I” in team after all. Ladies, you rock!!

The Last Word…

Impact99 was a journey for both of us! We laughed a lot. We learned a lot. We can’t wait to see what the next generation of HR does and how they impact the workplace and make change. It’s our time to reinvent the workplace!

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