Benjamin Land (MC)


Benjamin Land

Ben is Co-Founder & CEO of Exit West, guiding corporate teams on humanitarian work trips as a platform to integrate their personal, professional & organizational development.  After a BA in International Development Studies, Ben’s career did not take the presumed path to Africa - but rather to luxury resorts and F1 races, producing Incentive & Reward programs for the booming computer industry of the late 90’s.  Disillusioned with the one-upmanship between competing clients – growing the sense of entitlement and shrinking the level of gratitude among their employees – Ben’s aha-moment for Exit West occurred in 2001 (a little ahead of its time).  During the incubation period, the ‘pay-cheque sabbaticals’ included international development; mineral exploration & corporate training/facilitation.  Forced to name a specialty, Ben would say:  “People.  I love people.  I believe in people.  And people change the corporations which change the world”.  Africa is just around the corner.

Ben is leading Discovery 2012 to Panama with a group of 12 C-suite and senior leaders from Canadian Business. If you are interested in finding out more about the Discovery trip or Exit West, this is Ben’s site

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