Cadi Jordan

Cadi Jordan is founder of Jordan Consulting. She works with, but is not limited to, Spas, Training Facilities, Life Coaches, Nuritionists and Naturopaths to provide business, managment and social networking solutions. Cadi has enjoyed speaking at the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Women’s Enterprise Center, Impact 99 2011 as well as hosting events with Scott Stratten of UnMarketing and Jason Sadler of I Wear Your Shirt. Cadi was recently published in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Spa Inc Magazine.

Cadi is passionate about twitter, connecting people between real life and online- and authentic relationships. We are delighted to have Cadi back for 2012 as one of our Impact99 Social Media Ambassadors. In that role, Cadi will be available both ahead of the event and during the event itself in a “concierge” role for attendees and speakers alike. Attendees will be able to tweet to Cadi and the other Social Media Ambassadors via a special Hashtag and will be able to do a small group “lunch and learn: and pick Cadi’s brain about ANY question about social media and their own digital IQ.

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