Lee Vincent

Lee Vincent
Lee Vincent is AVP Human Resources at Northwestel and a Principal at Look-Solutions. In her role at Northwestel she is accountable for leading all strategic and operational people practices throughout Canada’s North. Her innovation and creativity, coupled with her strong business background and execution focus, have enabled Northwestel to continue to grow and succeed in this challenging operating environment. Northwestel’s over 600 employees are located in 98 communities spread across 3.9 million square km, serving a population base of 120,000 people. Leveraging her MBA, Certified Human Resources Practitioner certification (CHRP), Royal Roads Executive Coaching Certification and Strategic Masters in Human Capital, Lee brings a passion for solving business and people problems to her work at Look-Solutions. Currently focused on increasing organization wide results (employee, customer, financial) through effective implementation of social media, Lee is excited about how the building of communities, virtual or otherwise, can help develop stronger social enterprises.
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