16 Sep 2013

Tune in THIS Thursday to re-invent leadership in the workplace

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Impact99 is thrilled to introduce, Chris Taylor from Actionable Books - one of Impact99′s partners. In this week’s web event, Chris will discuss the differences between management and leadership and how to improve your work relationships.

Chris shared a few thoughts with us prior to the virtual event this Thursday! Here’s what he had to say.

Leadership a la Covey according to Chris… 

Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix is one of the most well known models that exists in the current business vernacular.  What I want to suggest is that, with a few small tweaks, it can also be an exceptionally powerful tool for time-starved Leaders, looking to enhance their leadership capabilities.

For those not familiar with the model, here’s the gist - everything we do can be defined in one of four quadrants: 1) Important/Urgent, 2) Important/Not Urgent, 3) Urgent/Not Important and 4) Not Important, Not Urgent.  The question the model raises is where we want to spend our time.  Obviously Box 1 is a priority, but once those fires are out, where do we go?  Box 2 is where the gold is.


I suggest we think of Box 1 as “Managing” - the tasks that require our attention to keep the wheels on the bus and business moving forward.  All healthy, all good.

Box 3 then, in terms of leadership becomes Micro-managing - spending too much of your limited time on other people’s problems.  It’s an easy box to easy to slip into, but doing so doesn’t do anyone any good.  Box 3 tasks should be delegated.  Strong leadership is about trusting that the box 3 tasks are being completed by competent people, and that you’ve set up the proper channels for them to ask for help when they need it.  How do you build that confidence?  You spend more time in box 2.

Think of box 2 tasks as connecting with the deeper needs of your people.  Of sharing the project/company vision and helping your team members see how their own desires align with the company’s goals.  Spending time in box 2 not only builds your own confidence in the fact that box 3 tasks are being completed, it actually makes box 1 tasks easier, faster and more fun as well.  After all, it’s a lot easier to point people in the right direction when you have a clear understanding of where you’re going.


Box 2?  We call that Leadership.

Web Event Details

Join Chris on Thursday September 19th at 9:00am PST/12:00pm EST to learn more! Click here for info on how to join web event! See you Thursday!!

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