One of the many things that makes Impact99 unique is the calibre of innovative thought leaders and HR Change Leaders that we partner with as speakers and sponsors. We are thrilled to be sharing the expertise of our partners to help you develop high performing culture in your workplace.

Every Thursday, we will broadcast live sessions with one of our sponsors or speakers and they will share success stories from their experiences in Workplace Re-Invention. Stay tuned to this page to view the broadcast live! Also, interact and ask questions on Twitter using the hashtag #Impact99.


Reinventing Workforce Analytics with PeopleInsight

On the Halloween edition of Impact99 web events, Anca and Natalie welcomed John Pensom of PeopleInsight - a  company that takes workforce analytics to the next level!


Reinventing Corporate Learning with Axonify

Carol Leaman, CEO at Axonify joined Natalie and Anca to talk about what Axonify is doing to fix corporate learning at organizations like Walmart, Toys”R”Us and John Hancock.

Reinventing Leadership Learning with The Executive Roundtable

Glain Roberts-McCabe from The Executive Roundtable discussed leadership peer-to-peer learning groups and the impact these groups can make on the workplace.

Reinventing Leadership in the Workplace with Actionable Books

Chris Taylor of Actionable Books joined event coordinators, Natalie & Anca, to discuss how leadership is changing the workplace. He talks about what it takes to be a good leader and the ever so popular, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as it relates to meaningful work.

Reinventing Recruitment with Kira Talent

David Singh of Kira Talent discussed the key trends in video, social, and mobile and how they are changing the face of your recruitment strategy. Recorded web event will be posted soon, so keep checking back!

Reinventing Performance Management with Small Improvements

Linda Jonas from Small Improvements talked with us about creating a lean, social performance management in your organization. Performance discussions should not be a once/year task, but an ongoing conversation, related to the organizations goals and objectives.



  • OCTOBER 22nd and 23rd - IMPACT99 TORONTO event activities
  • OCTOBER 31st - PeopleInsight: stay tuned!
  • NOVEMBER 7th - Jody Thompson (Culture Rx): stay tuned!
  • NOVEMBER 15th (Friday) - Contingent Workforce Solutions: stay tuned!
  • November 21st - Dan Pontefract (Telus): stay tuned!

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